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Part 135 general operations manual

Part 135 general operations manual


OPERATIONS MANUAL GLOBAL AIR SERVICES GR-FTO-002 Table of Contents Table of Contents List of Effective Pages SECTION 1: GENERAL Definitions Abbreviations Training Organization Overview Training Courses Overview Post Holders Overview, Qualifications & Responsibilities Post Holders Table Operations Organization Chart List of Training Aeroplanes & Flight Simulator Base Airport Facilities
All our manuals have been prepared in accordance with FAR Parts 119, 135 and the “Flight Standards Information Management System” 8900.1. Our manuals are designed be expandable to add more than one type of aircraft. Each manual is written to the specifics of your training environment.
Part 135 General Operations Manual . Upgrade your GOM to meet the most recent SAS requirements and guidelines. This turn-key GOM template is designed for both new and existing operators.
Part 135 General Maintenance Manual. The FAA Part 135 General Maintenance Manual creates and details the company’s maintenance management standards for people, organization, inspections, training and so much more. Then there are supplements for each individual aircraft with specifics for just that aircraft, about maintenance, records

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The RVSM operations will be included in your International Flight Operations manual and addresses procedures to follow in the track system if your RVSM equipment not longer functions properly. Single-Engine IFR: Check this box if you plan to fly a single-engine aircraft in IFR conditions. Verify that you have the experience required by FAR 135.243.
We do the Manual. work for you! ACCG can assist you-as a liaison to the FAA, we help you create all required manuals, customized to your operation. prepare your Pre and Final FAA application. meet with the FAA with you or on your behalf, if needed. author customized manuals specifically tuned to your Part 135 or 145 operation.
14 cfr part 135 – operating requirements: commuter and on demand operations and rules governing persons on board such aircraft
Part 135 Initial Pilot Training Get the most comprehensive and efficient initial ground training for your pilots. Whatever the size of your operation, this online course
SDG&E’s operations, all ASD passenger flights are required to follow the rules prescribed in Part 135 unless specific permission to deviate from Part 135 is granted from ASD in writing, or such rules are wholly inapplicable. 14 C.F.R. Part 91 guidance should only be used in the absence of any corresponding guidance in Part 135 or 133.

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Far Part 135 Operations Manual


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